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Jan 24, 2023

We grew our real estate business FAST, buying 5 properties in about a year and ½ - 2 year period. And, we’ve learned a lot! You know I’m all about sharing what works for me in my life and business, and that’s what we’re doing in today’s episode. I have my husband, Adam, back on the podcast and we’re sharing 7 things we learned in these first years of real estate investing. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly with plenty of laughs along the way. 


Whether you also invest in real estate or if you’re just wanting to do this at some point, there is something for you here. And, if you want an update on our properties and how they did in 2022, head back to episode #197 where we share the RAW numbers of how things did last year plus lots of other tips as well. 


We discuss things like:

- Tenants (getting them, keeping them, tenant relationships, etc.) 

- Resources we LOVE for running our business

- How we think about interest rates

- Capex and how to calculate it 

- Stand alone homes versus townhomes/condos 

- How vacancy affects a real estate business 

- and more! 


Come tell us what you think over on Instagram @elizabethmccravy


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