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May 2, 2023

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Have you ever wanted to peek behind the scenes of a super successful physical product business? Today's episode is your opportunity! I'm chatting with my friend, Amy Gabriel, the creator of LippyClip about how she turned a $10 product into a full-time business that today employs more than a dozen women. Plus, in 2021, she worked really hard to automate her business so that she could pursue another dream (and don’t worry - we are going to talk about that too!). Now, Amy balances running LippyClip while pursuing a master's in theology 


Here’s a sneak peek into what we covered:

  • How she scaled her business and built her team
  • What her day to day life is like running a business as a mom and a seminary student
  • How she grew different distribution channels (she started on Etsy)
  • How automation was one of the KEY time freedom pieces for her

No matter what kind of business you have: whether you are a service provider, a physical product business like Amy or a digital product, I know you are going to love this episode. There is so much to learn from Amy’s story. She’s a true inspiration! 


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