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May 9, 2023

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Happy almost Mother’s Day, friends! And even if you’re listening to this at a later date, happy day of being a mom to you! Being a mama is the best job in the world, and it’s a hard one too. I’ve had a note on my phone with this podcast idea for quite some time, and I’m excited to bring it to you now. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a working outside of the home mom, a business owning mom, or a combination of it all, there’s something here for you. 


I know many of you listening are farther along in the motherhood journey than me. Maybe you have older kids, multiple kids, a different family situation… Whatever the case, you might have a TOTALLY different perspective than me, and that is fine! I’m speaking here from my perspective being the mom of a toddler and a business owner. 


In this episode, I’m giving you 3 major words of encouragement from my home to yours this Mother’s Day, and I pray these meet you where you’re at! You’ll also hear from another podcast episode (yep, I’m playing an audio from an episode on a podcast I love) and I’ll be reading to you from a favorite motherhood book as well. 

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